ASAP Super C Serum

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ASAP Super C Serum is your "Good Morning!" Treatment.  Containing three of the most powerful Antioxidants - L-ascorbic acid, Pine Bark Extract and Idebenone - Super C Serum has been scientifically developed to protect the skin from premature ageing caused by environmental factors including sun damage.

Vitamin C is an essential part of the bodies ability to produce collagen, essential to the health and appearance of our skin.  Our body is not able to store Vitamin C therefore it is essential we maintain optimum levels by adding it daily. Consider Super C Serum as your skins daily injection of essential Vitamin C.

ASAP Super C Serum is recommended for those wishing to protect against further environmental damage while aiding healing to already damaged areas.

A very few people will experience a slight tingle from this very concentrated active product, if this is a concern give your skin the extra special treatment is requires by mixing your B and C serums together.  As with all morning routines it is essential to start the day with a sunscreen. Beleze strongly recommends you follow your morning Serums with the ASAP Moisturising Daily Defence.

ASAP Super C Serum 30ml


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