Napoleon Perdis Lips

Napoleon Perdis Lips


Napoleon Perdis has created cosmetics and lip treatments which include conditioning active ingredients for protection and conditioning.

Napoleon lip colours range from the everyday favorites you won't leave home without to dramatic scene stealing colours. 

Lip colour from Napoleon is always on trend and is often centre stage at fashion shoots and parades.

Lip colour is the key to a finished and polished look and the right colour is within your reach with Napoleon Perdis.

Complimentary lip care, lip sticks, glosses for high shine and liners work beautifully to create the perfect lips for any occasion.

Luminous Lip Veil, Devine Goddess Lipsticks and Lacquers have proven to be addictive.

Be drawn to the colour, stay for the feel.

Lip pencils are the key to perfectly shaped lips which are longer lasting, while Lip service and Love bite are the perfect beginning and support for soft, pouty lips.




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